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Sen. Stewart and RALI Announce new Resources to Help Aroostook County Prevent Substance Misuse

November 14, 2022

Presque Isle, ME – The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) announced today a donation of 800 safe drug disposal pouches to the Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP). The safe drug disposal pouches can be used to discard of unused or unneeded prescription drugs. By simply placing pills, medicated patches, or medicated liquid in the pouch and mixing with water, they become safe to throw in the trash.

RALI, a coalition dedicated to sharing effective solutions to end the opioid epidemic, works with partner organizations across the country to support programs focused on substance misuse prevention, treatment, and recovery. ACAP is a non-profit that supports programs improving the lives of Mainers in the areas of Prevention and Wellness, Early Care and Education, Energy and Housing, and Workforce Development.

Celebrating 50 years of service to the people of northern Maine in 2022, Aroostook County Action Program provides the people of Aroostook County with services and resources that help individuals and families achieve greater economic independence. As a leader, or in partnership with others, ACAP provides guidance to the community in responding to emerging human needs in the areas of community health, early care and education, energy and housing, and workforce development services. Aroostook County Action Program continues to accept new clients as well as serve existing clients through a vast array of programming. To learn more about available services available, contact the ACAP Team at 207- 764-3721.

“I am excited to announce that RALI has partnered with ACAP to make hundreds of safe drug disposal pouches available to Mainers.” said State Sen. Trey Stewart. “These pouches are terrific resources to make sure that unneeded prescription drugs are disposed of safely in the home. I hope you’ll all join me in cleaning out the medicine cabinet this fall. Together, we can all make a difference.”

“We’re grateful for the partnership with RALI to provide at-home safe drug disposal resources,” said Meg Hegemann, ACAP Prevention Services Coordinator. “RALI and ACAP understand that prevention is an essential pillar to our efforts to end the opioid crisis. Remember that prescription drugs should be disposed of when they’re no longer needed and should never be shared with anyone they weren’t prescribed to.”

Learn more about safe disposal and more ways to address the opioid epidemic at


The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) supports programs that help prevent the misuse of prescription medicines so that more lives can be saved from the opioid crisis. We do this by bringing together community leaders and elected officials who are committed to finding effective solutions and sharing ideas that will make a difference across the state.

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